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with investments in Businesses, Real Estate, Commodities, Index Funds, Options, and Currencies. Our customers' investments are only used in three markets: Futures, Forex, and Options. We divide your investment amongst twelve trades as leverage only. How can it be leverage only? We use Pinney Capital Investments Capital to secure the risk in each trade. This will fully secure and protect all of your investments from losses. We are taking all the risk out of investing while giving you the peace of mind to grow your money without fear, and with the reward of donating 20% charity*. Learn more here.

 PCI is a growing firm committed to donating over $1 million a year to those in need. With the help of our investing partners, we can make a difference both locally and across the world. Join us now to start building our future together.


Here at PCI, we treat you like family, and that's why we Guarantee your investment from loses. We also guarantee a 20% return on your Investment after your 20% charity pack. You will receive an industry high 16% return after donations each year. PCI is committed to helping local businesses, and that's why we have set the goal to partner with over 100 local businesses. We are looking to work with local family-owned businesses that have a five-star reputation, a great product, and the right attitude to succeed. In our mission to donate over $1 million every year to non-profit organizations, PCI is committed to the involvement of businesses and personal investors. PCI was created to achieve this goal, the goal of a unified group devoted to doing good, and helping both our communities and people in need around the world.

When people come together to do great things, then great things happen.

Join with Pinney Capital Investments and be a part of our mission to donate over $1 million every year to charity.

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