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Building the future together means bridging the gap that divides us. In a time where so many are in need, PCI was built to answer the call.  We know that everyone wants to do good and give back, so we made it easy. Below you will find the local and world-wide charities that PCI is partnering with each month. 

Charity Pack

PCI is committed to our community and those in need around the world. We started Full Throttle Charity in order to do our part for the world! We are currently committed to donating $100 of every sale from our car dealership, and 5% of all profit from every company owned by Parichat & Steve Pinney. Pinney Capital Investments also has the goal to be 51% owner of 100+ small family-owned and operated businesses who will also donate a portion of their profit each month to charity*. Pinney Capital Investments was created in order to help others in our community get more involved by donating to charities and helping people around the world, but we know that not everyone has the time or the extra resources to be able to donate to charity. That's why we take all the work out of it for you when you sign your PCI charity pack by giving you three donation options: monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This allows you to donate with us to the twelve charities we donate to each year, or you can pick four charities and each quarter we will donate to your chosen charity, or you choose one that means the most to you and we will donate on your behalf to that one charity. What makes it even better is that we are committed to matching your chosen donations! Join together with PCI and help those in need around the world while growing your own wealth. Let's build the future together!

At Pinney Capital Investments, we believe that everyone wants to do good and give back, so we made it easy. What if you could use your already earned money to help others without the risk of ever losing it or using it up? That's what PCI has done by taking the risk out of investing, and guarantee the profits so you can confidently donate to charity while still receiving an industry high 16% return per year*. With our 20% charity pack* you can make a difference with twelve charities to donate to each year! The best part - PCI will match every donation! If you're like us, and you want to make a difference, then join together with PCI and we will build our future together. Click here to see our Full Throttle Charity website!


February - 

Why Not You

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March - 


July - 

Fisher Houses

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August - 


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October - 

St. Jude Hospital

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November - 


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December - 

Toys For Tots

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*First payment and/or donation will be available only after the six month mark. After six months donations and payments will become active automatically. If quarterly payments is chosen, then the first payment would start on the seventh day of each month and continue regularly thereafter. The first donation made to charity will occur on the seventh day of each month. Term end extends six months past term. See Pinney Capital Investments for full details.

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