You're family at PCI. Pinney Capital Investments Guarantee's your investment from loses. Read below to see how.





Here at Pinney Capital Investments, we Guarantee your investment from loses. How can we do that? Your investment will be placed into a leverage bucket that gets divided between 12 trades in 3 markets, including Futures, Forex, and Options. By doing this, it will minimize your risk, and to eliminate it-we use PCI's money to fill the Risk Buckets that will protect your money from loses allowing your money never to be at risk, but to be used as leverage only. Guaranteeing, you will never take an investment loss with Pinney Capital Investments. We also guarantee a 20% return on investment-after your 20% charity pack; then, you gain an industry high 16% return after donations per year. We offer three available Payment options: Quarterly, Annually, or per 5-Year Term. Quarterly pays out $16k per quarter, with $16k donated per year. For a total of $80k per year and $500k remaining after a 5-year term. Yearly pays out $80k per year*, with $20k donated per year. For a total of $100k per year and $500k remaining after a 5-year term. 5-year term pays out $550k per term*, with donating $130k annually. For a total of $680k per term and $1,050,000 remaining after a 5-year term*.

*First payment and/or donation will be available only after the six-month mark. After six months donations and payments will become active automatically. If quarterly payments are chosen, then the first payment would start on the seventh day of each month and continue regularly thereafter. The first donation made to charity will occur on the seventh day of each month. Term end extends six months past term. See Pinney Capital Investments for full details.

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