At Pinney Capital Investments, we guarantee your money and your profits with a minimum buy-in of $500,000 and a 5-year commitment*. Pinney Capital Investments offers you to choose which payout option is best for you: quarterly, yearly, or full term. Benefits of full-term are the compounding that helps to generate an additional $187,500* over the same five year period. Call us today for more information.

Pinney Capital Investments is devoted to our customers and the charitable contributions that come from partnerships between our companies, and the customers we work with. At PCI, this private equity firm was created to be a vehicle for customers who have income that they would like to both; see their money grow, and contribute to change around the world while creating long term wealth of money for retirement.


How do we do that? - We take your investment and divide it into twelve trades in three markets. This along with our risk strategy assures that your investment will never be put at risk.


How is that possible? - PCI uses a one to five risks vs. reward ratio, and then we use our own capital to cover the risk, which assures that the customers' investment will never be diminished or lose value. This will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected and that your 20% profit is Guaranteed. From that 20% profit, we ask that our investors donate 20% to their choice of one, four, or twelve non-profit organizations through Full Throttle Charity.

Pinney Capital Investments will match all of our investor’s donations!


Average return on Investment example*:

The average return on investment

Historical average 12% return average equity fund 5 years 10.19% return


First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Fifth Year
















 Pinney Capital Investments is a growing company with investments in businesses and real estate development. Click Here to learn more about PCI's Guarantee.

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